coreFIELD - Inductive Sensor Telemetry for Force and Torque Sensors

Compact 2-channel telemetry for strain gauges and temperature sensors

coreFIELD is a compact 2-channel strain gauge measuring amplifier with contactless energy transmission via induction. The sensor values are transmitted via radio at up to 1,000 Hz and output at the evaluation unit via digital and analog outputs. A total of 8 configurable analog outputs are available. The measuring electronics have an additional battery and can thus bridge short as well as longer interruptions.

coreFIELD in brief

  • 2-channel strain gauge measuring amplifier with inductive power supply
  • Sampling rate up to 1,000 Hz
  • Intelligent on-chip measurement data evaluation with event detection and load cycle counter
  • coreINDUCT energy: Inductive energy transfer & data transmission by radio
  • coreINDUCT energy+data: Inductive energy and data transmission
  • As standalone measurement electronics or in conjunction with coreIN or coreFLANGE
  • Operation, commissioning and additional parallel measurement data display via the mobile Android app coreVIEWER

The measuring chain at a glance

Learn more by clicking on the info points

The measuring chain at a glance

Learn more by clicking on the info points


In combination with coreIN, the rotor-side measuring amplifier is installed directly inside the component. The coil is wound around the component on two half-shells in a speed-resistant manner. Alternative coil geometries (e.g. face-side coils) are also possible.


The evaluation unit included in the coreFIELD package (identical in construction to coreGATE) has 8 analog voltage outputs, as well as digital IO interfaces.


The pickup consists of a stator coil and the antenna for receiving the data. The pickup is placed at a distance of approx. 1-10 mm. Optionally, an external speed sensor can be installed in the pickup.

coreFIELD - one solution, many results

Icon Energy supply Induction | core sensing GmbH

Energy supply

Contactless energy transfer by induction

Icon DMS Strain Gauge | core sensing GmbH

Strain gauge

2 x Wheatstone strain gauge full bridge sensitivity 0.1 ... 3 mV/V

Icon Speed | core sensing GmbH


Standard measuring range up to 2 500 RPM

Icon Temperature | core sensing GmbH


Integrated temperature monitoring

Icon Acceleration | core sensing GmbH


3-axis accelerometer up to 30 g

Icon smart Sensor | core sensing GmbH

Smart Sensor

Configuration and readout of the sensors via smartphone or tablet

Icon Monitoring and saving signal sequences | core sensing GmbH


Saving signal curves

Icon Interpretation Real-Time Analysis | core sensing GmbH


Real-time analysis of sensor data

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Applications of the coreFIELD measuring amplifier

  • Suitable for permanent measuring tasks and fixed installation in plants and test benches
  • Quality assurance and monitoring of production processes
  • Condition monitoring
  • Torque control of industrial processes
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