coreMOBILE - strain gauge measurement amplifier with Bluetooth and LTE connectivity

Reliable, precise, compact and versatile in use

Read out and process strain gage measuring bridges and send results directly to the cloud: The smart 2-channel strain gauge measurement amplifier coreMOBILE with mobile connectivity and Bluetooth makes it possible. Furthermore, the smart measurement amplifier additionally measures accelerations and temperature with the help of its integrated MEMS sensors.

The integrated CPU processes the sensor data directly on the measuring amplifier. This significantly reduces the amount of data to be transmitted. Continuous (remote) monitoring of processes and machines is also child's play with coreMOBILE. Processes are easily and continuously monitored through the user-friendly definition of wake-up triggers, thresholds and rules.

The smart measurement amplifier from core sensing sends all measurement data and interpreted states wirelessly via LTE-M to the coreCLOUD cloud platform and in parallel via Bluetooth 5.0 to the various IIoT gateways from core sensing or to mobile end devices.

coreMOBILE at a glance

  • IIoT sensor node with LTE-M / NB-IoT and Bluetooth
  • 2 channels for strain gauge full bridges
  • Integrated speed measurement and 3-axis accelerations up to 30 g
  • Integrated data logger
  • GNSS localization
  • Energy-efficient battery operation with integrated charging circuit
  • Can be combined with inductive or wired power supply
  • Additional data transmission via Bluetooth 5.0 possible
  • Saving signal curves

coreMOBILE - one solution, many results

Icon DMS Strain Gauge | core sensing GmbH

Strain gauges:

2 x Wheatstone strain gauge full bridges, sensitivity 0.1 ... 3 mV/V

Icon Acceleration | core sensing GmbH


3-axis accelerometer up to 30 g

Icon Speed | core sensing GmbH


Speed sensor up to 2,500 RPM

Icon Temperature | core sensing GmbH


Integrated temperature monitoring

Icon wireless data transmission | core sensing GmbH


Mobile network (LTE-M) +
BLE data transmission

Icon energy supply | core sensing GmbH

Energy supply

Low-power energy management for continuous operation over months and years or connectivity via USB-C

Icon Monitoring and saving signal sequences | core sensing GmbH


Saving signal curves

Icon Interpretation Real-Time Analysis | core sensing GmbH


Real-time analysis of sensor data

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Functions of the cloud-enabled measurement amplifiers

Management of sensor nodes via device list: Battery indicator, location and warning list can be displayed in coreCLOUD. Power options are made and channels are configured in the settings.

Display and measurement data management: New measurement packets are transferred up to 1 time per second depending on the setting. Larger measurement series can be recorded in the internal memory of coreMOBILE and then transferred to coreCLOUD.
Smart data processing with a comprehensive cloud-based and measurement amplifier toolbox: Definition of algorithms, control chains and alarms. Email notification and download of the entire load history of a component.

The variants of coreMOBILE at a glance


Measuring amplifier with integrated rechargeable battery in a compact housing. A permanent power supply can be ensured or the battery can be conveniently charged via a USB-C connection.

coreMOBILE mini

Miniaturized measuring amplifier in compact housing. This variant is particularly suitable for mounting on rotating shafts. Due to the defined interfaces, battery and sensors can be connected easily.


Bare measuring amplifier without housing for individual solutions. Battery and charging functions can be used individually via the miniaturized sockets.

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