coreGATE - Multifunctional IoT Gateway

The powerful IoT gateway for wireless smart sensors with 8 analog and digital outputs

IoT Gateway coreGATE Industry Gateway | core sensing GmbH

A gateway enables the bidirectional exchange of data between IIoT sensors and the cloud. It is therefore an indispensable component in smart production processes, in the context of predictive maintenance, and in intelligent OEM and measurement technology solutions.

The coreGATE industrial gateway from core sensing is perfectly matched to our sensors and measuring amplifiers. It allows you to integrate measurement data into existing systems (such as plant control or measurement computers) and to display and edit them in the coreVIEWER app.

In addition, the powerful industrial gateway from core sensing is your interface to the process control or to the PC. The sensor data as well as defined states (e.g. reached threshold value) are output time-synchronously via analog output channels (±10 V) as well as a serial signal via the USB port. Data exchange between coreGATE and our intelligent force sensors is wireless.

coreGATE at a glance

  • Connect and time-synchronous evaluation of up to 4 wireless measurement amplifiers or smart sensors (BLE connection)
  • Easy integration into process control
  • 8 analog outputs (-10 V ... +10 V) for output of the sensor signals via an analog voltage
  • 8 digital status outputs (+24 V) for outputting discrete states via a digital signal
  • USB-C interface for PC for output of data and integration into Matlab, LabView, etc.
  • Live display of measured values and configuration via coreVIEWER app

coreGATE - one solution, many advantages

Icon Process Control | core sensing GmbH

Control processes simply

Use coreGATE as an interface to industrial plants for their control and monitoring.

Icon simple configuration | core sensing GmbH

Simple configuration

Conveniently link sensor channels with the gateway's analog and digital outputs using our coreVIEWER app.

Icon Live Display Sensor Signals | core sensing GmbH

Live display

Benefit from a parallel display of all sensor signals in the app, while the output channels continue to provide measured values.

Icon Real-Time Analysis | core sensing GmbH

Real-time analyses

Interpret the measurement data of all connected sensors synchronously in time.

Icon comfortable integration | core sensing GmbH

Convenient integration

Look forward to quick deployment thanks to plug & play commissioning and connection with the smart sensors.

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coreGATE - convenient and safe handling

Our industrial gateway is conveniently coupled and configured with measuring amplifiers or coreIN sensors via our Android app coreVIEWER. Simply select the desired sensors in the menu. In the app, you also assign the analog outputs with the sensor channels of the connected devices and assign the measured variables to them.

You also set the voltage range or the desired data format in coreVIEWER just as easily. In parallel, the sensor data received during operation can be displayed in the live display of the app.

Your configuration and scaling of the channels is also saved automatically. After each start coreGATE automatically connects to the saved devices in the order you defined.

coreLIME measuring chain

coreGATE - always perfectly integrated into your infrastructure

coreGATE can be used as a mobile stand-alone device at the measuring station or permanently installed in the control cabinet.

A DIN rail mounting at the back of our IoT gateway guarantees its easy installation in a control cabinet. For good reception strength, the gateway's standard 2.4 Ghz antennas can be led out of the control cabinet using an extension cable and placed near the wireless force and torque sensors or telemetry systems. 

coreGATE Installation Gateway | core sensing GmbH
coreGATE Iiot Gateway Telemetry System | core sensing GmbH

In the desktop version, the module can be directly equipped with two antennas and used as a stand-alone device. The analog and digital outputs have robust plug-in connections with screw contacts.

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