coreIN - integrated force and torque sensor

In the future, you will be right in the middle of demanding measurement tasks.

Reliable and secure data acquisition at the heart of your applications - it simply works with coreIN sensor integration.

From now on, record loads safely and reliably where the measurement data delivers the greatest added value: directly in the component. By turning mechanical machine parts into intuitive and individual smart sensors. Quite simply. With our universal sensor integration coreIN.
The strain gauge-based deformation body measures forces, bending moments as well as torques and is individually configured to your application. The robust and reliable integrated force and torque sensor coreIN is available in the desired quantity according to your requirements - from single pieces to series. In addition, the sensor package is modularly designed for almost limitless areas of application and is available in various sizes as well as energy options.

coreIN in short portrait

  • For tubes or drilled components with an inner diameter of 14 mm or more
  • Integrated sensor & measurement electronics protected inside the component
  • Measurement of torque, force, bending or shear force
  • Additional speed, acceleration and temperature sensor
  • Various energy options (battery, induction, energy harvester or wired) available
  • Further processing of the components possible

More than one sensor:
Four advantages in one component.

Learn more by clicking on the info points

More than one sensor:
Four advantages in one component.

Learn more by clicking on the info points

Smart sensors | coreIN core sensing

Your component - your smart force sensor

We integrate our measuring chain into your component and transform it into an intelligent and wireless force sensor according to your needs. It does not matter whether a tube structure or drilled solid material is present.

Measuring amplifier

Powerful and energy-saving measurement electronics. Two channels for strain gauge-based sensors with an additional inertial measurement unit enable a wide range of measured variables (such as speed, acceleration, temperature) to be recorded and processed synchronously.

Deformation body

We use the proven strain gauge technology. The connection between the deformation body and the component allows forces, bending and torques to be measured reliably and accurately.

Energy supply for every application

Whether temporary, mobile or permanent applications - we have the right power supply for your sensor application. Li-Ion batteries for mobile accessible measurements. Inductive power supply for permanently installed, non-accessible systems.

coreIN - one solution, many results

At the heart of our coreIN force and torque sensor is the powerful coreLIME measurement electronics.
It can be used to record and evaluate various measured variables:

Icon Axial force | core sensing GmbH

Axial force

Standard measuring range
50 N - 125 000 N

Icon Torque | core sensing GmbH


Standard measuring range
25 Nm - 6 000 Nm

Icon Shear force and bending | core sensing GmbH

Shear force / bending

Transverse forces up to 100 kN

Icon Acceleration | core sensing GmbH


3-axis accelerometer up to 30 g

Icon Speed | core sensing GmbH


Standard measuring range
up to 2 500 RPM

Icon Temperature | core sensing GmbH


Integrated temperature monitoring

Icon Monitoring and saving signal sequences | core sensing GmbH


Saving signal curves

Icon Interpretation Real-Time Analysis | core sensing GmbH


Real-time analysis of sensor data

Are you interested in the possibilities of our smart measurement technology?
We will be happy to advise you!

coreIN in action

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Fascinating: The smart measurement technology universe of core sensing

Learn more about our sensor solutions now

Measure force and torque without limit - coreIN adapts to your tasks

From large axles and shafts to small bent tubes: Set new standards for sensory components and parts. Quite simply with coreIN. Our smart force and torque sensor fits into any component. Even tube processing steps such as bending or welding can be carried out without any problems after its integration. There are no limits to the variety of shapes.

Full of energy for reliable measured values - the perfect energy supply for every application

Whether in mobile or stationary use: With our modular force and torque sensor system, you always benefit from the full potential of coreIN. Simply combine the integrated sensor perfectly matched to the respective application scenario with one of our miniaturized coreLIME or coreMOBILE measurement amplifiers and the matching power supply concept from core sensing:

coreIN battery- sensor body | core sensing GmbH

coreIN battery

Ideal for temporary measurements and mobile applications - thanks to efficient Li-Ion battery with integrated battery management system and energy saving mode.

  • Replaceable, rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic plug with USB charging option for powerbanks and USB power supplies

coreIN field

Ideal for permanent measurements - thanks to pickup head for an energy transfer via induction and integrated coreFIELD measurement amplifier.

  • Permanent energy supply
  • Integrated distance monitoring
coreIN induct- Induction | core sensing GmbH

coreIN cable

Ideal for permanent measurements of non-rotating parts - thanks to cable-connected sensor for direct use of the full bridge with external measuring amplifiers

  • 4-wire strain gauge full bridge
  • Safe cable routing to the outside
  • Connection of coreLIME or other measuring amplifiers
coreIN cable | core sensing GmbH
coreIN harvest - rotations energy | core sensing GmbH

coreIN harvest

Ideal for measurements on hard-to-reach components - thanks to self-sufficient energy generation by rotary energy harvester and integrated measuring amplifier.

  • Energy-autonomous sensor for the drive train
  • Additional battery for buffering
  • Power generation by generator + fixed unbalance dimensions in earth gravity field

Configure your individual sensor

With our configurator, you can create an individual sensor even for small quantities, with which you can cost-effectively gain initial experience of the monitoring possibilities of your components.

coreIN red shiny | core sensing GmbH

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