Mobile sensor app coreVIEWER

The intuitive mobile app for measuring and configuring core sensing sensors, measurement amplifiers and IoT gateways.

Measurement software coreVIEWER | core sensing GmbH

The Android app coreVIEWER is the heart of our measurement chain. It is available free of charge in the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and is intuitive to use. The coreVIEWER is the direct interface between the smart sensors and the operator and makes all measured variables visible via various graphs and tools. In addition, all settings and configurations of the measuring amplifiers and IIoT gateways are made via the app.

coreVIEWER in short portrait

  • Overview of all available sensors
  • Simultaneous connection with up to 4 measuring amplifiers
  • Live display and recording of the measurement data
  • Configuring measuring amplifier and gateway
  • Starting the data logger on the measuring amplifier
  • Different display modes
  • Programming thresholds and events

CoreVIEWER - Download from PlayStore

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coreVIEWER Dashboard

Get a quick picture! As soon as you connect a torque or force sensor, all measured variables of a sensory component are clearly displayed in the dashboard.

  • View as line chart
  • Live value as digital display
  • Min/max/average value for adjustable period
  • Tare
  • Register change between connected sensors
  • Planning and starting the recording of measurement data

Custom Dashboard

Keep the most important measured values of different components easily in view. In custom mode, you can display exactly the measured variables that are of particular interest to you - from up to four measuring amplifiers simultaneously.


Various diagram types are available for simple and clear visualization. The operation is intuitive - it is possible to scroll over the temporal course of the measurement and zoom in on interesting measuring points.

Line Chart

Display of the temporal course of the relevant measured variable in order to compare several sensors with each other at the same time.

Bar chart

Display of many distributed sensors and comparison of average and min/max values to identify process errors.

Multi Chart

Combined display of several smart sensors. Measured variables can be plotted on top of each other in the X-Y plot (e.g. torque over rotation).

Configuration and settings ...

... of the sensors and measuring amplifiers

  • Defining and changing the names of the sensors/measuring amplifiers
  • Tare
  • Entering and changing the calibration values
  • Setting the data rate
  • Firmware update

... the gateways

  • Configuration of the digital outputs
  • Configuration of the analog outputs
  • Scaling values
  • Connection rules
  • Firmware update

Save measurement data directly to smartphone & tablet

By activating logging, the measured values are saved directly to the internal memory of your smartphone / tablet and can be exported as a .csv file. In logging mode, measurement data can also be saved without an existing Bluetooth connection. The internal flash memory of the coreLIME or coreIN measurement amplifier is used for this purpose.

Measurement data storage on smartphone & tablet

  • No mobile device necessary
  • Adjustable sensor data
  • Variable data frequency
  • Retrieval of measured values via coreVIEWER and transfer to a PC

Measurement data storage on measuring amplifier

  • Connection between sensor and mobile device must be maintained
  • Selection of sensor data for recording
  • Setting the data frequency
  • Measured values can still be displayed live during recording
  • Transfer and evaluation of the recorded csv files on a PC (e.g. Excel, Matlab, ...)

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